Version 5.5 released

After a longer-than-desired wait, version 5.5 of Nikola is out!

You can get it here and here is a not exhaustive list of changes:


  • New HIDE_SOURCELINK option (defaults to False)

  • Switched theme repo to (Issue #411)

  • New (untested) ASCIIDoc compiler

  • Display very annoying warning when deploying the nikolademo Disqus account

  • New Bulgarian translation

  • New man page (created with help2man nikola -N --version-string=5.5) (Issue #460)

  • Added "nikola version" command (Issue #504)

  • Added more search form examples in (Issue #515)

  • Template dependency support for Jinja (by koniiiik, Issue #511)

  • New --clean-files option for nikola check

  • Support --version on "run" command (Issue #504)

  • New Turkish translation.

  • New MARKDOWN_EXTENSIONS option, defaults to previopus behaviour (Issue #496)

  • Posts with dates in the future will be treated as drafts (Implemented by punchagan)

  • New "TaskMultiplier" plugin category, takes a task, returns 0 or more new tasks (Issue #483)

  • New 'LINK_CHECK_WHITELIST' option for link checker (Issue #477)

  • New Croatian translation.

  • Jinja-default and jinja-site themes now automatically generated from the Mako versions.

  • New Persian translation

  • RSS feed now includes post tags (Issue #462)

  • Experimental generic RSS/Atom importer (Issue #347)

  • PHP support (Issue #313)

  • New PRETTY_URLS option (generates slug/index.html instead of slug.html) (Issue #429)

  • Added "templates/" folder to template path.

  • Keyword metadata support in post pages (Issue #451)


  • Improve custom.css detection (Issue #526)

  • Fixed bad interaction between 2-file-format and untranslated posts in multilingual sites (Issue #525)

  • Workaround in site theme for navbar hiding targets

  • Flip index pages order (Issue #521)

  • Make txt2tags work again (Issue #520)

  • Updated to latest colorbox

  • Skip metadata when compiling one-file posts (Issue #508)

  • Use schema-relative URL for addthis to avoid insecure page warnings on HTTPS sites (Issue #510)

  • Made the gzip plugin generate less confusing task names (no more double colon)

  • Made "nikola check -f" respect OUTPUT_DIR

  • Customizable teasers were broken (Issue #502)

  • Be less invasive when processing rendered HTML (Issue #500)

  • Run all tasks that should run (Issue #494, #493)

  • Handle timezones in posterous imports (Issue #475)

  • Actually ensure LateTasks are run later than Tasks

  • Don't add drafts and retired posts to the sitemap (Issue #476)

  • Avoid __future__ in because it breaks buildout (Issue #478)

  • Use correct source links with PRETTY_URL=True (Issue #474)

  • Handle non-ascii path in bundles (Issue #473)

  • Handle non-ascii path in plugin loader (Issue #471)

  • Handle non-ascii arguments in main (Issue #470)

  • Make sitemap depend on file dates (reported by Kay Hayen)

  • Better support for non-ascii urlencoded paths in the wp importer (Issue #468)

  • Avoid crashing if user does a deploy with no commands

  • Strip HTML and BODY tags in Post.text() (Issue #464)

  • -f option broken in HTML compiler (Issue #463)

  • Don't map empty folders, map folders with index.html, and don't map index.html (Issue #430)

  • Wordpress import: write correct redirections for URLs not ending in an / (Issue #459)


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