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Nikola — Static Site Generator

In goes content, out comes a website, ready to deploy.

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Nikola is written in Python 3 (3.8+). Free open-source software under the MIT license.

Host anywhere.

Static websites are safer, use fewer resources, and avoid vendor and platform lock-in. You can host a Nikola website on any web server, big or small. It’s just a bunch of HTML files and assets.

Fast rebuilds.

Nikola is fast. We use doit, which provides incremental rebuilds — in other words, we rebuild only the pages that need rebuilding, saving CPU time, wall clock time and upload bandwidth.

Multiple input formats.

Nikola will take input in many formats. Out of the box, we support reStructuredText, Markdown, IPython (Jupyter) Notebooks and HTML, and have plugins for many other formats.

Batteries included.

Nikola comes with everything you need to build a modern website: blogs (with comments, tags, categories, archives, RSS/Atom feeds), multilingual support, easy image galleries, and code listings.

Easily extensible.

Nikola is extensible. You can write a plugin to add any feature you want in a few lines of Python, or write your own theme in Mako or Jinja2. Or find something in the Plugin and Theme Indexes.

User-friendly CLI.

Nikola has a friendly user interface that gets you up and running quickly and simplifies your work. You do not need to memorize headers just to create a post — we’ll write them for you.