Version 5.4.4 is out!

Yes, version 5.4.4 is just published at the usual place, including the following improvements:


  • New Japanese translation.

  • Nikola check exists with 1 if there is an error

  • New HIDE_UNTRANSLATED_POSTS option that ensures you don't have mixed-language pages (Issue #373)

  • New theme "site-planetoid" for use with the planetoid plugin.

  • New 'retired' tag for posts that should no longer be in feeds.


  • Added post data as a uptodate check for mustache (Issue #456)

  • Rebuild post pages when the post's translation list changes (Issue #458)

  • Handle "-h" (Issue #460)

  • Added correct help for console command (Issue #460)

  • Escape twittercard data (Issue #452)

  • Added missing "twittercard" in story template

  • Added support for per-language tags (Issue #450)

  • Fix wrong path splitting (Issue #434)

  • Remember locale even when set_locale failes (Issue #446)

  • Decode path argument in new_post (Issue #442)

  • task_indexes had missing config dependencies (Issue #441)

  • Removed bogus links to slides assets that were removed

  • Compressed files were seen as unknown by "nikola check"

  • local search and mustache plugins must be disabled by default (Issue #437)

  • Avoid failure if there are no tags and USE_GZIP is enabled (Issue #439)

  • Fix aspect ratio detection in Vimeo videos (Issue #440)

  • Blogger importer was passing wrong options to "nikola init" (Issue #408)


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