Version 5.4.3 released

I am happy to announce the availability of version 5.4.3 of Nikola!

This is this version's changelog:


  • Simpler slideshows based on Bootstrap's Carousel
  • New CREATE_MONTHLY_ARCHIVE option, defaults to False (Issue #433)
  • Added gist support for Markdown.
  • New "nocomments" metadata that disables comments for a page/post (Issue #278)
  • New HIDE_UNTRANSLATED_POSTS option (does nothing yet)
  • New EXTRA_HEAD_DATA option, which adds extra things in <HEAD> (Issue #385)
  • Moved translations to
  • New custom sitemap generator (Issue #395)
  • New STRIP_INDEX_HTML option for cleaner URLs
  • New alternative markdown compiler based on misaka
  • New "internals" doc
  • Place links to RSS feeds more visible to the visitor
  • New CODE_COLOR_SCHEME option
  • New "template" metadata that changes the template for a page/post (Issue #199)
  • Added workaround for when Disqus doesn't support your exact locale (spanish only at the moment) Issue #389
  • Extra plugins can be enabled via
  • Password-protected pages.


  • Listings CSS fixes (Issue #416)
  • If dateutil is installed, try to use it to parse dates (Issue #419)
  • Fixed posterous import via import_wordpress (Issue #419)
  • Set locale to the value of "lang" in templates, so things like strftime use localized values. (Issue #368)
  • Fixed console command.
  • Cleaned up arbitrary metadata.
  • Don't crash in posts without actual post text.
  • Nicer tag listing.
  • Fixed unicode bug in markdown compiler.
  • Fixed unicode crash with polish dates and %B (Issue #383)
  • Fixed localsearch plugin
  • Warn if combining USE_CDN with a theme providing a copy of bootstrap (Issue #386)
  • Improved localsearch README
  • Updated to Tipue 2.1
  • Don't index draft posts for Tipue (Issue #387)
  • Modernized all rst extensions, added tests (rbistolfi)
  • Removed obsolete custom code-block directive
  • New function messages(msgid, lang=current_lang) available for templates
  • Fixed teasers (Issue #398)
  • Smarter guessing of the default post format (Issue #400)
  • Make headings not overlap navbar in site theme.
  • Added dummy codeblock fallback for docutils < 0.9
  • Detect dependency on included files in rest compiler
  • Use gallery path from config
  • Don't fail in corrupted images
  • Don't assume filenames are ASCII
  • Don't crash if sidebar_links is not set for a language.
  • All RSS feed links for tags pointed to the DEFAULT_LANG one in some themes.
  • and Nikola.path are now locale aware and lang is optional.
  • Make docutils a soft requirement
  • Normalize paths on task names (Issue #406)
  • Planetoid requires only 3 runs now ;-)
  • Blogger import: imports will not result in an TypeError because str.join expects all it's arguments to be of type str


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