Nikola 5.4 is out!

I am thrilled to announce the release of version 5.4 of Nikola, a static site/blog generator

Here's the (incomplete!) changelog for this release [1]:


  • Twitter Card / Open Graph support.

  • Smart math support

  • New soundcould directive

  • Custom "read more" links

  • Better time display, timezone support

  • Better doit integration (Issue #151)

  • Make the whole listings folder browsable (Issue #128)

  • New GZIP_FILES/GZIP_EXTENSIONS options to create gzipped copies of some files (Issue #348)

  • New optional path parameter to new_post command.

  • Wordpress importer: option to not download files

  • Wordpress importer: option to squash newlines

  • Separated BLOG_URL into SITE_URL and BASE_URL

  • Added DISABLED_PLUGINS option (Issue #354)


  • Added missing </div> in default theme templates.

  • Wordpress import: Description is left empty if no description is found.

  • When running the build command it is now possible to get help.

  • Load jQuery before bootstrap in JS bundle (Issue #327)

  • Generate valid HTML5 for redirects (Issue #276)

  • Fixed "nikola check"

  • Fixed internationalized RSS links

  • Make commands that need to be run in a site fail gracefully (Issue #342)

  • Use localized links on lxml fixer

  • Redirections created during the import from wordpress are now written to

  • Stop parsing metadata in post file on first blank line

  • Metadata handling cleanups by Tordek

  • Fixed blockquote font size inconsistency

  • Wordpress Import: Do not break indentation (issue #189)

  • Make things work even if SITE_URL has a path (Fix #307)


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