Nikola 5.2 released!

I am thrilled to announce that you can now download Nikola 5.2.

What's new in this version? A LOT. Don't let the minor version tick fool you, this version is packed with goodness. Let's start with features:

You can easily embed more content:

  • New vimeo directive for restructured text.

  • Custom "gist" directive providing reStructured text support for GitHub gists.

You can write your content in almost any markup:

  • Textile markup support.

  • Creole Wiki markup support.

  • txt2tags markup support.

  • bbcode markup support.

  • And of course, it still supports reStructured text, Markdown and HTML.

More languages:

  • New Catalá translation

  • New polish translation.

  • New Simplified Chinese translation.

  • Use multilingual Disqus (although it doesn't seem to work)

You can import your data:

  • New Blogger/Blogspot importer

  • Much improved Wordpress importer

  • Extract metadata from filename by using regexp (helpful for importing from octopress or other systems).

You can do fancier and more configurable sites:

  • One-page, dynamic-loading, client-rendered site plugin (task_mustache)

  • Recursive post/story folders


  • Local search based on Tipue (extra_plugins/task_localsearch)

  • Added comments to image galleries

  • New option RSS_TEASERS

  • New STORY_INDEX option to generate index.html in story folders.

  • Add multi size favicon support.

You can use Python 2.6 or higher ... including Python 3. The only missing bit for full Python 3 support is Google sitemap generation.

And of course, a lot of bugs got smashed:

  • Added sane defaults for most options, so you can have a lean config file.

  • Made layout of the site theme responsive, with collapsing navbar.

  • Use timeline instead of parsing post_pages in generic_page_renderer and task_render_pages.

  • Updated disqus integration code, added identifiers so it works on any URL.

  • Make sure folder links end in "/" in the gallery code.

  • Removed copy of PyRSS2Gen, made it a dependency.

  • Detect "namespace" dependencies for Mako templates.

  • Use consistent encodings in RSS feeds.

  • Refactored disqus code into separate helpers

  • Use the correct extension (or raise an error) on new_post

  • Fix titles that include quotes

  • Updated to current CSS from docutils (was using version from 2005)

  • Avoid needless regeneration of gallery indexes.

  • Always ensure the folder for the new post exists.

  • Get title from filename if not available in metadata.

  • Don't copy sources if they end in ".html"

  • Don't link to unexisting translations.

  • Sort tags case insensitive.



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