Nikola 5.1 Released

I am happy to announe release 5.1 of Nikola a static site/blog generator.


  • Support for client-side cloud tags
  • New slides directive, for image slideshows.
  • New option DATE_FORMAT
  • New "nikola console" command
  • New option CACHE_FOLDER
  • Updated bootstrap to 2.2.2
  • Wordpress importer supports redirects
  • Wordpress importer creates a url_map for Disqus thread migration
  • Wordpress importer: support for [sourcecode]
  • Added unstyled theme "orphan", useful as a base for independent themes.
  • New "monospace" theme.
  • New "Create a Theme From Scratch" tutorial.


  • Added ID attribute to gallery images for backlinking.
  • Added ALT attribute to gallery images.
  • Issue 113: refactored code in Mako templates
  • Added newline after metadata in new_post template.
  • Issue 112: RSS feeds contained invalid links
  • Issue 88: RSS feed validation via lxml
  • Isuue 169: build subcommands were broken
  • Switched addThis to Peekaboo style, as seen on (seems less broken)
  • Remove duplicated sample config file. always build it from template (schettino72)
  • Don't use hardcoded path for custom.css (schettino72)
  • Wordpress importer: fixed issue 190, convert embedded H1 tags into H2
  • Fixed bad interaction with Yapsy 1.10
  • More elegant handling of "nikola init"
  • Don't crash if there's no assets to copy


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