Nikola v5 Released

A new version of Nikola is out! You can get it at the usual place.

This version is not completely backwards compatible, thus the new major version number, but switching to it should be easy-ish. If you are using version 4.0.3:

  1. Remove your

  2. Use nikola build instead of doit from now on

  3. use nikola serve instead of doit serve, nikola new_post instead of doit new_post, and so on. Some other doit task are also converted into nikola command you can get the list using nikola help

The integration of doit into Nikola is not done in a very nice way, that's still ongoing work, but it should be Good Enough To Work (TM).

Hope you enjoy this release!


  • Templates now know their name from template_name in their context.

  • Made most of Nikola into Yapsy plugins.

  • Recurse galleries/ and render each folder as a gallery.

  • Breadcrumbs and folder links in image galleries.


  • Fixed doc installation

  • Put webassets cache in cache/webassets

  • Update to doit 0.17

  • Don't crash on incomplete translations

  • Fixed Issue 160: render_tags didn't call scan_posts()

  • Fixed Issue 161: webassets setting USE_BUNDLES was ignored (fix by schettino72)

  • Fixed Issue 153: index.txt was being ignored in galleries.


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