Version 6.0.0 Released!

I am thrilled to announce the immediate release of Nikola version 6.0.0.

This is a major feature release. If you have an existing site, you will get a number of warnings about deprecated options. Don't worry, things most likely will still work, and you can take your time fixing them.

Some of the new features are described in a series of blog posts: 1 2 3 4 5

Here is the (probably incomplete) changelog:


  • Deprecated post_compilers for COMPILERS (Issue #601)

  • Replaced post_pages option with POSTS and PAGES (Issue #601)

  • Support for bootswatch in boostrap 2 and 3 (Issue #599)

  • New ADDITIONAL_METADATA option to set extra metadata on all posts.

  • All reStructuredText extensions are now plugins (Issue #621)

  • New multiple comment system support (Issue #606, #634)

    • Deprecated DISQUS_FORUM option for COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID

    • New COMMENT_SYSTEM option to change comment systems, defaults to disqus

  • New bootstrap3 theme (by areski)

  • Added docs/upgrading-to-v6.txt for upgrade tips.

  • Theme cleanup (Issue #599)

  • Support for nested navigation links (Issue #104)

  • New media directive for reStructuredText (Issue #608)

  • New DEPLOY_DRAFTS and DEPLOY_FUTURE options (Issue #583)

  • New Dutch translation

  • Optional hyphenation (HYPHENATE option, Issue #576)

  • Made AddThis support replaceable through new SOCIAL_BUTTONS_CODE option.

  • categories

  • Added a FUTURE_IS_NOW option for publishing future-dated posts now (Issues #486, #577)

  • New typogrify filter (Issue #576)

  • New COPY_SOURCES option, defaults to True (Issue #544)

  • Customizable Read More (Issues #412, #533, #574)

  • Support for LESS/RECESS CSS compilers

  • Updated to Colorbox 1.4.27

  • New pandoc compiler.

  • Separate slides.tmpl template so that non-bootstrap themes can support them.

  • New ADDITIONAL_METADATA option to specify metadata to include in the new_post command, alongside with the defaults (Issue #622)

  • Schedule new posts automatically by specifying an iCal recursive rule as SCHEDULE_RULE (Issue #602)


  • Added missing rel="self" link suggested by (Issue #264)

  • Switched to semantic versioning (Issue #614)

  • Better figure styling (Issue #626)

  • Switched docutils math rendering to MathJax (Issue #620)

  • Refactored crumb bar into a separate tmpl to avoid code duplication (Issue #612)

  • Fix broken config dep for tags when NAVIGATION_LINKS is not set (Issue #610)

  • Fixed bundles in base theme

  • Deprecated ANALYTICS, replaced with BODY_END (Issue #601)

  • Deprecated SIDEBAR_LINKS, replaced with NAVIGATION_LINKS (Issue #104 #601)

  • Solve site theme's navbar overlapping Issues (Issue #585)

  • Deprecated ADD_THIS_BUTTONS option.

  • Show warning if unable to thumbnail an image (Issue #551)

  • Use absolute URLs in feeds (Issue #590)

  • Fix for mincss path munging (Issues #570 #589)

  • Added missing dependency in gallery indexes (Issue #536)

  • Anchors in listings had wrong filename slugs

  • Only warn about incomplete translations once (Issue #580)

  • Right-align image title in colorbox to avoid overlapping so much (Mentioned in Issue #570)

  • Added LICENSE in the footer (Issue #528)

  • Use random IDs for slides so you can have more than one in a page (Issue #572)


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