Nikola v6.1.0 released!

Version 6.1.0 is out and available in the usual places! (github , PyPI)

One cool thing about this release: it's the first one to support downloadable plugins!

Here is a somewhat incomplete changelog:


  • Added slug support to the magic link:// URLs
  • New Esperanto translation.
  • New -q flag for quiet running (Issue #762)
  • Added author field in RSS items (Issue #767)
  • Annotations using (Issue #623)
  • New GALLERY_SORT_BY_DATE option, defaulting to True. If set to False, sorts by name (Issue #667)


  • Fixed compatibility with Windows’ multiple partitions (Issues #776, #784)
  • Added language in the RSS feeds (Issue #777)
  • Don't fail for empty bundles.
  • Fix USE_BUNDLES compatibility with Python 3 (Issue #760)
  • Compatibility with doit 0.23.0 (Issues #756 #758)
  • Install enough of the theme chain to ensure themes are usable (Issue #748)
  • Support Gist URLs in the gist directive for compatibility with sphinx-gist-embed (Issue #754)
  • windows, dev - fix point pth to clone and run nikola without install (Issue #751)
  • windows - fix install from clone or from a Github download (Issue #747, Windows)
  • Make Listings directive inherit Include making it simpler and more powerful (Issue #744)
  • Install builtin themes (Issue #741)
  • LOGGER was incorrectly imported in
  • Order Monthly Archive properly, descending order (Issue #740)


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