Nikola version 6.3.0 released

Version 6.3.0 of Nikola is out. This is a large improvement, with many features and bugfixes (it is also over a month late, sorry!)

Compatibility Warnings

If you have your own locale files, you may want to check them. There were some changes lately.

If you use any themes from the Themes Index, make sure to update them — and make sure to upgrade the whole inheritance tree. For example, the base-jinja theme has a new file (tagindex.tmpl).

Debian and Bootstrap 3

During this release cycle, we discovered that the Debian (and Ubuntu) packages remove our copy of Bootstrap 3 and don’t provide any replacement. For those users, a install_bs3 command is provided. It is available only for people who installed from those packages (after all, nobody else should need it). Patch: install_bs3 for Debian.

Downloads at GitHub and PyPI, as usual.


$ git log v6.2.1..v6.3.0 --pretty='format:%an'|sort|uniq -c|sort --reverse
234 Chris “Kwpolska” Warrick
 21 Roberto Alsina
 20 Daniel Aleksandersen
 13 Ivan Teoh
 12 Puneeth Chaganti
 10 Alex Popescu
  9 Ondrej Grover
  6 Eric Meaney
  5 schettino72
  4 nlaurens
  4 Roman Yepishev
  4 Claudio Canepa
  3 damianavila
  3 Onno Broekmans
  2 Tim Chase
  2 Kay Hayen
  1 ermeaney
  1 Simon van der Veldt
  1 Areski Belaid



  • Added translations:

    • Basque by aitorp

    • Czech by Ondřej Grover

    • Estonian by Lauri Võsandi

    • Norwegian Bokmål by Daniel Aleksandersen

  • TIMEZONE now defaults to UTC (via Issue #893)

  • Added a DEMOTE_HEADERS option (on by default; previously implemented by the Markdown and reST compilers) to have consenting compilers produce documents with headers lower by one than the one defined (Issue #891)

  • isso comments are now supported (Issue #905)

  • Gallery titles are used in more places (Issue #902)

  • Gallery titles also are used in breadcrumbs (Issue #902)

  • tagindex.tmpl is used for tag indexes instead of index.tmpl (Issues #930, #933)

  • Added SASS_COMPILER option (defaults to sass) to add support for alternate compilers like sassc (Issue #940)

  • Added LESS_COMPILER option (defaults to lessc) to add support for alternate compilers like recess (via Issue #940)

  • sass/less files and targets file will be processed from site root (Issue #941)

  • Added a list of posts for each tag in tag_cloud_data.json

  • Added EXTRA_PLUGINS_DIRS option, for specifying additional plugin directories (Issue #953)

  • Expose original doit "auto" command as "doit_auto" (Issue #955)

  • New "type" metadata to make differences for posts (Issue #927)

  • New Post.is_post attribute to differentiate posts and pages without bias (Post.use_in_feeds is False if the post is retired/unpublished/a draft)

  • Add rel=canonical <link> elements (Issue #449)

  • Add rel=alternate <link> elements to translations of the current page (Issues #988, #989)

  • Added a INDEXES_PAGES_MAIN setting to show the page number on the index page if desired (True) (Issues #210, #987)

  • Added a TRANSLATIONS_PATTERN setting to specify the format for language-dependent filenames (Issue #990)


  • Support livereload 2.0 (Issue #968)

  • Don't crash when docutils exception have no line number (Issue #920)

  • Forced permalinks in active menu items (Issue #916)

  • Remind the user to set THEME to use a downloaded theme

  • Fix crash when using USE_FILENAME_AS_TITLE = False (Issue #892)

  • Fixed deploy events if there is no TIMEZONE set (Issue #893 via #822)

  • Modified translation strings: "Posted", "Also available in", "More posts about" — may break backwards compatibility (Issue #905) Details:!topic/nikola-discuss/ABXKk9G0_u0

  • Facebook comments are now showing properly

  • Added a warning/error when lessc/sass are missing (via Issue themes#24)

  • Fixed sass/less under Windows (Issue #939, themes#24)

  • Fix URL rewriting of fragment-only links (Issue #945)

  • Fixed the deploy rsync example (rsync --delete doesn't work with '/*' as source) (Issue #959)

  • Added a notice for the user if webassets is not installed and USE_BUNDLES is True (Issue #965)

  • Support livereload 2.0 (Issue #968)

  • Remove some unnecessary elements (Issues #969, #970)

  • abs_link should return absolute URI


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