Nikola version 6.2.1 released

Version 6.2.1 of Nikola is out. This is a partially-unplanned bugfix release to fix issues with locales and address some more bugs, also adding a few little features.

Downloads at GitHub and PyPI



  • Default themes adds semantic meanings to posts using h-entry (a microformats2) and HTML 5 microdata (Issue #867)

  • New "hidetitle" metadata to suppress printing a title as heading (Issue #584)

  • Template systems can now render to and from a string. (Issue #881)

  • New event for newly deployed posts (Issue #882)


  • Fixed some locale problems in posix systems (Issues #886, #884, #875)

  • Don’t include BLOG_DESCRIPTION as meta tag on tag and gallery pages (Issue #876)


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