Nikola v8.0.0b3 is out!

On behalf of the Nikola team, I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of Nikola v8.0.0b3. This is the third and hopefully final beta of Nikola v8. The big change in this release is the adoption of Babel to handle date translations (instead of relying on system locale, which didn’t work well for us). Other issues and bugs were fixed.

Many themes in our Index have been ported for Nikola v8, but some of them are not yet there.

What is Nikola?

Nikola is a static site and blog generator, written in Python. It can use Mako and Jinja2 templates, and input in many popular markup formats, such as reStructuredText and Markdown — and can even turn Jupyter Notebooks into blog posts! It also supports image galleries, and is multilingual. Nikola is flexible, and page builds are extremely fast, courtesy of doit (which is rebuilding only what has been changed).

Find out more at the website:


Install using pip install Nikola==8.0.0b3.

If you want to upgrade to Nikola v8, make sure to read the Upgrading blog post.



  • New data_file option for chart shortcode and directive (Issue #3129)

  • Show the filename of the missing file when nikola serve can't find a file (i.e. when an 404 error occurs).

  • Better error messages for JSON download failures in nikola plugin and nikola theme (Issue getnikola/plugins#282)

  • Use Babel instead of the locale module to better handle localizations (Issues #2606, #3121)

  • Change DATE_FORMAT formats to CLDR formats (Issue #2606)


  • Fix listing installed themes if theme directory is missing.

  • Watch correct output folder in nikola auto (Issue #3119)

  • Fix post fragment dependencies when posts are only available in a non-default language (Issue #3112)

  • Implement MARKDOWN_EXTENSION_CONFIGS properly (Issue #2970)

  • Ignore .DS_Store when processing listings (Issue #3099)

  • Remove redundant check for tag similarity (Mentioned in Issue #3123)


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