A CMS (or two) for Nikola: Dato CMS and Netlify CMS integration

One of the many complaints users have about static site generators is the fact that non-tech-savvy users who don’t understand the command line or don’t want to learn Markdown/reST can’t use SSGs. We’ve tried to solve this before with Coil CMS, but that project is now dead, and was hard to configure properly. The problem was not solved, until now.

Roberto Alsina and Chris Warrick independently built integrations for Dato CMS, Netlify CMS and Contentful. Here they are:

Both CMSes offer facilities for non-technical editors to write content, including a WYSIWYG editor.

Dato CMS may require a bit more work at first, but you can automate it (eg. with Travis CI, or Netlify). Our integration lets you deploy your site anywhere.

Netlify CMS can be deployed with one click (and a few configuration changes), and includes automation and hosting at Netlify (and GitHub). You can also use some other hosting service, but that will require some extra work on your side.

Contentful does not require a local install of Node to work, which makes it easier to use and automate, while leaving the hosting up to you.

Make sure to check them both out — have fun!

(Updated 2017-12-06 to add Contentful support)


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