Nikola v7.0.1 released!

On behalf of the Nikola team, I am pleased to announce the release of Nikola v7.0.1.

Nikola v7.0.1 is a bugfix release. It fixes some bugs found in the original v7.0.0 release — including, but not limited to, symlinks and Unicode output under Windows; Jinja themes’ assets; date formats, and more.

Get it!

Nikola v7.0.1 is available for download at GitHub and PyPI.



  • added -e, --edit parameter to new_post and new_page to open $EDITOR after creation (Issue #1294)
  • added scanned signal (after posts are scanned) (via Issue #1291)
  • added missing initialized event (after tasks are loaded) (Issue #1291)


  • sanitized dates generated by new_post by forcing an ISO 8601-esque format of YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS (Issues #1284, #1313)
  • made github_deploy compatible with Python 3 (Issue #1311)
  • rebuild stuff on TranslatableSettings’ change (Issue #1297)
  • made bootstrap-jinja and bootstrap3-jinja work again, assets were missing (Issue #1309)
  • ignore non-utf8-encoded .html files in sitemaps (Issue #1308)
  • fixed missing assets in Windows (Issue #1306)
  • locales are ignored if there is no config (via Issue #1304)
  • “fixed” a weird bug which tried to find the __file__ of __builtin__
  • made nikola init locale-independent (via Issues #1288, #1304)
  • fixed theme/plugin installation under Python 2.6 (Issue #1298)
  • removed colorama and color support under Windows due to Unicode problems (Issue #1288)
  • made files/assets/css/code.css work again (Issue #1290)


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