Nikola 4 Released

I have just uploaded release 4 of Nikola. Here are some of the changes in this version:


  • Previous/Next post links

  • Teaser support

  • Support posts with HTML "sources"

  • Site checking script (nikola_check)

  • Maximum image size in galleries

  • Image descriptions in galleries

  • Image exclusion in galleries

  • Special "draft" tag

  • Pretty code listings ("code galleries")

  • Page descriptions

  • Easy theme tuning via Bootswatch

  • Support for WebAssets bundles

  • "Filters" for powerful file post-processing


  • Improved HTML output

  • Support multiple time formats in post metadata

  • Slugify tag names for URLs

  • Archive path and filename configurable

  • Galleries sorted by date (supports EXIF)

  • Rotate gallery thumbnails (EXIF)

  • Tag feeds in tag pages

  • Colorbox support in restructured text figures

  • Fix for content displaying too wide

  • Changelog

As usual, you can discuss bugs or make feature requests at the nikola-discuss group and I love to know of sites using Nikola.

Hope you like it!


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