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Posted: 2012-03-30 23:00:00  |   reSt

Nikola Tesla Corner

If you can see this in a web browser, it means you have managed to install Nikola, and build a site using it. Congratulations!

Sorry about the docs not existing at the moment, I will write them shortly.

Send feedback to!

To create your own posts, you need to create two files insite posts/


This is some information about your post. It has to include (one on each line):

  1. Title (example: How to become rich)
  2. URL filename (example: how-to-become-rich)
  3. Publication date (example: 2012/03/13 02:17)
  4. Tags (example: programming, happiness, linux)
  5. Link to original source (example:

The 4th and 5th lines are optional.

The contents of your post, written in Restructured Text

You can also add the same kind of things in stories/. The difference between posts and stories in the default configuration is that posts will be added to RSS feeds and the front page of the site, while stories will generate pages that you have to link to manually.

The templates are quite simple and are inside templates/

After you change things, run "doit" and that's it, an updated site in output/.

Before you publish this site anywhere, you should edit (it has extensive comments) so it says all the right things for your site. Upload to any server that can serve static files, and you are done :-)


You will want to edit post.tmpl and delete the line that says disqus_developer.


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